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Counseling Psychology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742

Last Updated: September 2015

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The counseling psychology faculty at the University of Maryland includes full-time faculty, affiliate faculty, and adjunct faculty. The full-time faculty members are from the Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education (CHES) and the Department of Psychology (PSYC). The co-directors are Mary Ann Hoffman (CHSE) and Karen O’Brien (PSYC). The faculty is further augmented by teaching and supervisory services of affiliated faculty from different units in the university, along with counseling psychologists from the greater Washington, DC area who serve as adjunct faculty. Finally, we value our continuing relationship with our emeritus professors.


Clara E. Hill - – Department of Psychology

Phone: 301-405-5791 – Email: cehill@umd.edu

Research Interests: Psychotherapy process and outcome. Therapist training and supervision. Working with dreams. Qualitative research.

Mary Ann Hoffman – Dept. of Counseling, Higher Ed, and Special Ed

Phone: 301-405-2865 – Email: hoffmanm@umd.edu

Research Interests: Psychosocial dimensions of health and wellness. Counseling process and outcome. Counselor training and supervision. Applications of social psychology

Derek K. Iwamoto -- Department of Psychology

Phone: 301-405-5760 - Email: diwamoto@umd.edu

Research Interests: Health disparities experienced by traditionally understudied groups such as Asian Americans, including socio-cultural factors and mechanisms that influence the development binge drinking and alcohol-related problems..

Dennis M. Kivlighan, Jr. -- Dept. of Cou.nseling, Higher Ed, & Special Ed

Phone: 301-405-2863 – Email: dennisk@umd.edu

Research Interests: Process and outcome in group counseling. Counselor self-awareness. Counselor education and training. Prevention and mentoring in school and community settings.

Robert W. Lent -- Dept. of Counseling, Higher Ed, & Special Ed

Phone: 301-405-2878 – Email: boblent@umd.edu

Research Interests: Application of social cognitive career theory to career development, academic achievement, counselor supervision, and psychological well-being and adjustment.

Matthew J. Miller -- Dept. of Counseling, Higher Ed, & Special Ed

Phone: 301-405-8446 – Email: mmille27@umd.edu

Research Interests: Multiculturalism. Vocational psychology. Social justice engagement. Applied psychological measurement.

Jonathan J. Mohr -- Department of Psychology

Phone: 301-405-5907 – Email: jmohr@umd.edu

Research Interests: Identity and well-being among lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. Stigma in everyday life. Caregiving relationships (e.g., therapeutic relationships, romantic relationships).

Karen M. O’Brien -- Department of Psychology

Phone: 301-405-5812 – Email: kmobrien@umd.edu

Research Interests: Circumscription of women in low status, low paid occupations. Vocational interventions for at-risk populations. Factors related to healthy functioning in adoptive families.


Rashanta A. Bledman – University of Maryland Counseling Center

Phone: (301) 314-7657 Email: rbledman@umd.edu

Clinical Interests: multicultural counseling and supervision, racial/ethnic identity, body image, experiences of women of color, sexual assault survivors, interpersonal relationship concerns, and outreach. Research Interests: Black/African American women and body image/body shape.

Noah M. Collins -- University of Maryland Counseling Center

Phone: 301-314-7661 - Email: nmc2001@umd.edu

Professional and Research Interests: Therapist training, especially in the areas of racial and cultural awareness. At the UMD Counseling Center, Dr. Collins’ work focuses on training, couples therapy, and group therapy.

Ellen Fabian – Dept .of Counseling, Higher Ed, & Special Ed

Phone: 301-405-2872 - Email: efabian@umd.edu

Professional and Research Interests: Research interests include psychiatric rehabilitation and career development and rehabilitation. Teaching interests include psychiatric rehabilitation, professional orientation, practicum for rehabilitation students, and research.

Charles Gelso - UMD Department of Psychology

Phone: 301-405-5909          Email: Gelso@umd.edu

Research Interests: The client-therapist relationship in psychotherapy, including working alliance, real relationship, client transference, and therapist countertransference. Psychotherapy theory, especially psychodynamic theory. Research training in graduate education.

Paul Gold – Dept. of Counseling, Higher Ed, & Special Ed

Phone: 301-405-8414 - Email: pgold@umd.edu

Professional and Research Interests: Primary areas of funded research are team- and community-based rehabilitation approaches for helping persons with sever mental disorders, addictions, and work disabilities, to regaining capacities to enter the competitive labor market. Other interests include study of how large organizations create and sustain cultures of innovation.

Carlton E. Green – University of Maryland Counseling Center

Phone: 301-314-7659 Email: cegreen@umd.edu

Professional Interests: race and culture; religion and spirituality; training and supervision; depression; trauma; mindfulness; student leaders

James Houle – University of Maryland Counseling Center

Phone: 301-314-7679 – Email: jhoule@umd.edu

Research Interests: Athletic identity, sport psychology career maturity, eating disorders, mindfulness, and supervision. At the UMD Counseling Center, Dr. Houle’s work focuses on individual, group, and couples therapy.

Jinhee Kang – University of Maryland Counseling Center

Phone: 301-314-7658, Email: jkang79@umd.edu

Research interests: multicultural counseling, training and supervision, internationalizing counseling psychology and international student issues, trauma and anxiety. Dr. Kang is licensed as a psychologist in the state of Maryland and Virginia.

Yi-Jiun LinUniversity of Maryland Counseling Center

Phone: 301-314-7662 - Email: ylin1234@umd.edu

Professional and Research Interests: Multicultural issues, international student outreach, gender issues, eating disorders, and grief issues. At the UMD Counseling Center, Dr. Lin’s work focuses on individual and group therapy.

Erica S. Merson – University of Maryland Counseling Center

Phone: 301-314-7656 - Email: merson12@umd.edu

Professional and Research Interests: Intersection of work and family life, especially of women, adoptive families, multicultural issues, therapist training, graduate students, women and body image and eating disorders. At the UMD Counseling Center, Dr. Merson's’ work focuses on training, individual therapy, couples therapy, and group therapy.

David A. Petersen -- University of Maryland Counseling Center

Phone: 301-314-9792 - Email: petersen@umd.edu

Professional and Research Interests: Training director, internship program. International student issues and individual and group therapy.  At the UMD Counseling Center, Dr. Petersen’s work focuses on training, individual therapy and supervision.

Pepper E. Phillips -- University of Maryland Counseling Center

Phone: 301-314-7672 - Email: pepper@umd.edu

Professional and Research Interests: Positive psychology, supervision and training; LGBT issues; career development. At the UMD Counseling Center, Dr. Phillips’ work focuses on individual and group therapy, training and supervision

Cristina M. Risco – UMD Department of Psychology / UMD First-Year Innovation & Research Experience (FIRE)

Phone: 301-405-9373 - Email: crisco1@umd.edu

Professional and Research Interests: Educational and vocational development of racial/ethnic minority students, health-related risk behavior among racial/ethnic minority adolescents and young adults.

Nazish Salahuddin -- UMD Department of Psychology

Phone: 301-405-4892 - Email: nazish.salahuddin@gmail.com

Professional and Research Interests: Teaches courses related to counseling psychology, the psychology of women, cross-cultural counseling, and counseling skills. Her research focuses on the strengths and resiliencies experienced by biracial individuals.

Richard Q. Shin – UMD Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education

Phone: 301-405-2858 - Email: rqshin@umd.edu

Professional and Research Interests: Primarily focused on he identification of academic resiliency factors among youth of color living in underresourced neighborhoods, improving counseling services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer clients, and the integration of social justice principles in the fields of counseling and counseling psychology.

Roger L. Worthington – University of Maryland Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education

Phone: (301) 405-2858 Email: rlw@umd.edu

Research interests: Multicultural counseling competencies; Sexual identity development; Diversity in higher education; Difficult dialogues teaching and learning


  • Dr. Lisa Ades, Washington, DC
  • Dr. Connie Cannon, Silver Spring, MD
  • Dr. Jean A. Carter, Washington, DC
  • Dr. David Fago, College Park, MD
  • Dr. Pamela Foreman, Chevy Chase, MD
  • Dr. Suzanne Friedman, College Park, MD
  • Dr. Deborah Hazel Johnson, Silver Spring, MD
  • Dr. Annie Judge, Annapolis, MD
  • Dr. Ellen Lent, Olney, MD
  • Dr. Sheetal Patel, Washington, DC
  • Dr. Beth Sperber Richie, Silver Spring, MD
  • Dr. Anne Regan, Silver Spring, MD
  • Dr. Georgia Royalty, Ellicott City, MD
  • Dr. Damon Silvers, Washington, DC
  • Dr. Sharon B. Spiegel, Bethesda, MD
  • Dr. Barbara Thompson, Edgewater, MD
  • Dr. Linda Campbell Tipton, Silver Spring, MD
  • Dr. Steve Van Wagoner, Silver Spring, MD


  • Dr. Janice E. Birk
  • Dr. Vivian Boyd
  • Dr. Ruth E. Fassinger
  • Dr. Charles J. Gelso