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Last Updated: September 2019

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Derek Kenji Iwamoto, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Affiliate Faculty, Center for Addiction, Personality, and Emotion Research (CAPER)

Affliate Faculty, Asian American Studies Program


PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

NIDA Postdoctoral Fellowship, Yale University School of Medicine

Research Interests

Broadly, the aim of Dr.Iwamoto's research is to address health disparities experienced by traditionally underserved and understudied groups such as African Americans and Asian Americans by 1) identifying socio-cultural factors and mechanisms that influence the development of binge drinking and alcohol-related problems, and 2) conducting translational research to inform and augment substance abuse treatment and interventions targeting at-risk ethnic and racial minority adolescents and young adults. To date, his work has contributed to the literature by examining the influence of socio-cultural factors such racial socialization (i.e., racial consciousness, racial/ethnic group attachment) and gender socialization or the beliefs, attitudes and expectations of what it means to be a man or woman, on alcohol/substance abuse and mental health problems among ethnically diverse populations. Dr.Iwamoto recently edited the first ever book on counseling interventions with Asian American men.


Undergraduates interested in conducting research with Dr.Iwamoto, contact him directly. Dr.Iwamoto will accepting a student for Fall 2014.  Interested Counseling graduate students should mention Dr.Iwamoto in their application for admission.

Selected Publications

Recent Books:

Liu, W. M., Iwamoto, D. K., & Chae, M. (Eds.) (2010). Culturally Responsive Counseling Interventions with Asian American Men. Routledge Press.

Select Publications

Iwamoto, D. K., Corbin, W., & Fromme, K. (2010). Trajectory classes of heavy episodic drinking among Asian American college students. Addiction, 105, 1912-1920.

Iwamoto, D. K. & Liu, W. M. (2010). The impact of racial identity, ethnic identity, Asian values and race-related stress on Asian Americans well being. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 57, 79-91.

Iwamoto, D. K., Liao, L.* & Liu, W. M. (2010). Masculine norms, avoidant coping and depressive symptoms among Asian American men. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 11, 15-24.

Iwamoto, D. K., & Liu, W. M. (accepted). An exploratory model of substance use among Asian American college women. College Student Journal.

Gordon, D., Iwamoto, D.K.,, Ward, N., Potts, R., & Boyd, E. (2009). Mentoring urban Black middle-school male students: Implications for academic achievement. Journal of Negro Education, 78, 277-289.

Furman, R., Negi, N., Iwamoto, D. K., Shukraft, A.,& Gragg, J. (2009). Social work practice with Latinos: Key issues for social workers. Social Work, 54, 167-174.

Caldwell, L. D., Tarver, D., Iwamoto, D. K., Herzberg, S., Cerda- Lizarraga, P., & Mack, T. (2008). Defining cultural competency: From a human service provider prospective. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development. 36, 88-100.

Iwamoto, D. K., Creswell, J. & Caldwell, L. D. (2007). Feeling the beat: The meaning of rap music for ethnically diverse Midwestern college students-A phenomenological study. Adolescence, 42, 337-352.

Liu, W. M., & Iwamoto, D.K. (2007). Conformity to masculine norms, Asian values, coping strategies, peer group influences and substance use among Asian American men. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 8, 25-39.

Partali, N.*, Takamatsu, S.*, & Iwamoto, D.K. (accepted). Substance use and abuse, social class and counseling. In W. Liu (Ed.). Handbook on Social Class and Counseling Psychology. Oxford University Press.

Iwamoto, D.K. (2010). Alcohol abuse and alcohol-related problems among Asian American men. In W. Liu, D. Iwamoto, M. Chae (Eds.). Culturally Responsive Counseling Interventions with Asian American Men (pp.145-170). Routledge Press.

Liu, W. M., Iwamoto, D. K., & Chae, M. (2010). Introduction to Asian American masculinity. In W. Liu, D. Iwamoto, M. Chae (Eds.). Culturally Responsive Counseling Interventions with Asian American Men (pp.1-18). Routledge Press.

Iwamoto, D. K., &. Liu, W. M. (2008). Asian American men and Asianized attribution: Intersections of masculinity, race, and sexuality. In N. Tewari and A. Alvarez (Eds). Asian American Psychology: Current Perspective (pp.211-232). New York: Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates.

* = Current or former student

Contact Information

2103L Cole Field House

E-mail: diwamoto2@psyc.umd.edu

Phone: 301-405-5760